Anyone can run!

Now that's one of the things I love about running: anyone can do it! 
You don't have to practise or anything.
Unlike skating, where your legs go everywhere!

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Tina said...

great action shot. i have been skating in years!

thanks for stopping by my place the other day :) happy new year

Unknown said...

LOL that's a great shot! Thanks for stopping by a daily dose.

Anonymous said...

Great shot!

And I can't run... not really, anyway. And I've tried. I prefer aerobics - the more dance-based, the better.

Happy New Year!

Veronica Lee said...

Happy New year !!

MaricrisG said...

I finally found your english blog. Hurray! Was just dropping by to say Happy New Year!

Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

That is a great photo.

pkay said...

Right! I tried skating and I prefer to run. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you have a wonderful and prosperous year like I am hoping to do. HA! stop by anytime.

I am Harriet said...

Happy New Year to You!

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