Running joyful and triumphant!

This picture represents my favourite kind of running: joyful and triumphant.
Running like it's almost dancing.
It doesn't matter if you fall: you just pick yourself up again.

It also represents the way I wish to be a mom: joyful and triumphant.
And when I slip and fall, I'll just pick myself up again.
It's all part of the journey.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE to see children running like that; all wild abandon, arms flailing everywhere.
Reminds me of that episode of Friends where everyone took the mickey out of Pheobe for running like a little girl but I was thinking 'good for you girl!'

Unknown said...

My husband and his family loved "Little House on the Prairie". It's amazing how these old TV shows just keep getting better.

Anonymous said...

so how I want to parent as well.

the running piece? lets just say I think Im more likely to nail the mamapart :)

Susie said...

Pure joy is the best:-)

Anonymous said...

I had run in the snow like that last night, it was lovely. And yes, it is the best kind of running.

Veronica Lee said...

I agree with Rona's Home Page. I miss those good old TV shows like 'The Waltons', 'Little house on the prairie" etc.

Mira said...

I was gonna say, that looks like a scene from the "Little House on the Prairie". I still love to watch the re-runs on tv. Anyway, I agree with your wish as a mom about being joyful and triumphant. Being a mom is the hardest job I've ever hard, it's an ongoing learning experience. Have a great day!

Mira said...

Correction pls, lol. I meant ",,,the hardest job I've ever HAD not hard.;-)

Brianna said...

Makes me want to go run down a hill! That's just the best feeling. Funny how smiles and good cheer are so contagious. Thanks for helping me end my day with a smile!

Anonymous said...

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Nicole said...

Congratulations on your nomination! That's really neat!

I love the picture--running with reckless abandon :) Love it!

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