Shall I compare myself to a turtle?

I was happily running along, thinking to myself: 'I'm doing quite well!' when it happened again. A fellow runner ran right passed me. Now had this fellow runner been a man I would have shrugged it off, but this fellow runner was a woman! A woman about my age, her blond hair bouncing along in a pony tail. I shouldn't be passed by someone my own age and sex! It just isn't right!

Even though I know I shouldn't compare myself to other runners, and other mothers, it's hard not to. There I will be, doing quite wel, and then I'll see someone who seems to do it all much better than me.

I'm not like Shakespeare who compares his love to the a blissful summer's day, only to conclude it doesn't do her justice!

It's a hard lesson for me to learn. To nót compare myself to a summer's day, or other runners or other mothers.

I have to tell myself, I don't have to measure up to anything.
I'm fine just measuring about.


Anonymous said...

amen, Sister.
and yet such a hard thing to do.

often, no matter the task, my chant is I AM ENOUGH I AM ENOUGH as a reminder that it doesnt matter WHAT others are...

Kristen said...

I am often passed at races and even when running with friends who are the same pace as myself. I have gotten used to it...some days I can run better then others around me but most days...NOT

Anonymous said...

LOL I'm so happy for you that you're actually running :) I need to get back to my exercises after the holidays OK maybe after this snow goes away too :)

VisibleSoulPhotography said...

Now don't you know the 'golden rule'?

Slightly kick your foot out to the side and trip that stupid woman! How dare she try to make us look bad.

Do you live in my neighborhood? I think she runs on my course too. LOL

I am Harriet said...

I have learned that just like in everything else in life- there will always be someone faster than you. :)

Anonymous said...

Okay, remind me not to start taking a drink of water when I pull your site up. I about choked at the post title. Just be proud you're running! You accomplish so much and have got to be so proud of yourself, you're amazing!

Anonymous said...

Running, like life, is an individual thing. With running, though, if you need to conjure up comparisons, do so with the vast majority of people who don't run. In all those houses, on all those streets that you run, there are occupied couches and chairs and beds, with folks who are capable but lack the determination. Whisper "Hello" to them as you pass and congratulate yourself.

Reluctant Runner said...

I don't like being passed either, especially by someone who looks about the same as me. However, sometimes I think that little bit of discomfort is the tiny flicker of my competitive spirit speaking to me, which will in the end make me a better runner.

Failing that, you could use one of the following rationalizations, all of which have worked for me:
- She's running a shorter distance than me.
- She's just wrapping up a really short tempo run.
- Sure, she's a good runner, but she's probably not as smart/funny/nice as me.
- She's been running for more years than me. I'll be that fast in another year or two.

Very good post ... I can really relate!

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