Teaching my nerves a lesson

running stress relief

With all the business surrounding the upcoming Christmas season I felt decidedly nervous. So I decided to bundle up my nerves and take them for a run, thereby releasing them and getting a nice cup of coffee as an added bonus. I couldn't have picked a better day: the sky was a bright blue and the sun was shining. I felt like any minute the Teletubbies might pop up.

Running in bitesized bits

Lately I've been dividing my runs into neat 10 minute size bits, and then taking a 1 minute walking break. It's something to look forward to and I believe it really helps to prevent muscle soreness and all that. 

Also, to be frank, I need the break. 

After I finished my 10 miles, during which I told my nerves to take a hike, which they finally did around mile 8, I felt much better. Not quite so nervous. There's only so much running those nerves can take, you know. Around mile 8 they were begging: 'We give in, we give in!' 

Running really calms the nerves

The rest of the Sunday afternoon I lay on the couch reading 'Got your back' about a wife and mistress taking revenge on a two-timing husband. 

All the while basking in the fact that I had done good: I'd run 10 miles and I had taught my nerves a much deserved lesson.


Anonymous said...

delurking. I, too, am a fan of the interval of walking and LAUGHED that you phrased what I feel and yet I so do not adore cardio I would have never though to state it that way...when you said the minute walk is something you look forward to.

I usually save the look forward to for things like poptarts and vince vaughn movies :)

Veronica Lee said...

When it comes to shopping, I can walk for hours and miles and not feel tired but I can't bring myself to just walk for excercise, not even for 5 mins!

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