The best gym in the world

I'm a member of the best gym in the world! It's never dull, and they're constantly changing the look and feel of it. Right now, for example, they're going for this wintry theme with everthing covered with what looks like spun sugar, and the flooring is covered in white.

And they are absolutely magical with the lighting. Sometimes it's bright and clear and the colors just pop out at you. Other times it's a bit dark and everything looks kind of muted.

Every time I go to this gym it's a surprise what it will be like.

I just love running in the world.


  1. Hi. Found you through blog stalkers. Very clever post and I love the way you describe being outside.

  2. that sounds really good and prob motivates you to want to exercise more.

    Our gyms are all plain, clinical looking and boring!

  3. oh hey i didnt know you were Relimom too till i read your email lol

    I shall grab your button from here too mate ;)

  4. I couldn't agree more! It's hard to spend time on a treadmill when you've run in the most beautiful and expansive gym there is...

  5. I like the way you described the great outdoors!

    I prefer being outside to anything else, and I've done it both ways, having lifted weights for years.

    We have a park nearby that also has a nice running trail, so I usually run on it, because asphalt is hard on my lower back.

  6. I just had the most wonderful experience on my outdoor run today - I couldn't agree more! I like that it smells different everyday, too (except on trash days - I could do without THAT smell!!).