Running in snow

Everything surrounding me is white. Blindingly so, because the sun is shining brightly and reflects the white snow. My daily walks to school with the children have changed into sled rides. Like happy little Rudolphs the children run, taking turns to pull the sled.

I watch them with pleasure and wonder. There it is again: running for the fun of it. Running, just because it's enjoyable.

I can't remember the last time I saw a regular grown up, dressed in his day to day clothes suddenly break into a run. As adults we make an informed decision to run, and dress ourselves accordingly.

So I've decided that the next time I go for a walk, I'm suddenly going to break into a run and run like a child. Just to feel what it's like again.

When was the last time you broke into a run? And I don't mean the kind where you try to catch a bus or go to the sales!


Kristen said...

Kids always know how to have fun!!

Mira said...

I always break into a run when I have to catch my 2 1/2 year old toddler running away from mommy during our afternoon walks ;-) It would be nice to pull him in a sled now that we seldom walk anymore because of the snow. Have a great day!
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Stacy Uncorked said...

My Little Princess loves to have me chase her around the house - it's fun to listen to her giggling hysterically! ;) Running in the snow sure sounds refreshing! :)

Anonymous said...

I always say that walking in the snow is the best exercise. Since you have to tighten muscles and concentrate on not wiping out, the thighs get a better workout.

Aisling said...

That doesn't look much different than the front of my house. Now imagine that flowerbed slightly more sloped so the front door is about 5 feet higher than the path.
A car skidded on the road the other day and ended up at the top of the flower bed right by my top step!

Anonymous said...

i always look foolish when i run for some reason lol

last time i ran was prob to get back to a parking space in time before i got charged extra lol

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

I run when playing with my kids or a make that decision to exercise. I think I will run for fun more often too.

Felicia said...

I ran just the other day wih my son in the yard.. still had on dress shoes! We had a blast!

Nat said...

Ooooh I love running and playing in the snow...

MOMMY-MOMO said...

oh i couldnt imagine running in the snow? good job! thats determination :)

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