The promise of peace and calmth

I'm a sucker for oneliners and verbal encouragement to motivate me to do things. Just throw me a good line and I'll bite! That's what got past my big wall of resistance against running: the line that running would give me peace of mind.

I've been running for seven years now, something which still mystifies me. Who would have thunk it! Me, a runner! But it's that promise of peace and calmth that keeps me running back for more

Anyway, you can never have enough peace of mind, so when I read about Body Balance and their catchy slogan 'Be the calmth in the storm' I decided to give it a try. Body Balance is a threesome of Pilates, Yoga and Tai Chi, and this morning I contorted my body in ways it had never been contorted before and the last fifteen minutes were filled with tranquil music and meditation.

So I think I'll add it to my runs. I've often read about the importance of keeping your muscles strong, so what the heck. I always skipped past those boring parts, but once again they got me with the promise of calmth.

Now if only they could promise me peace of mind and calmth concerning motherhood!


Veronica Lee said...

I wish they could promise me peace of mind and calmth concerning motherhood, too !!

ShutUpandRun said...

Body balance sounds great. I am huge yoga fan and believe that it has kept me strong and prevented injury. If you ever find something that keeps you calm and centered with regards to mothering, let me know!!

Green said...

I so wish that I could find just one thing,to do with exercise,that I could stick to.

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