Running belts

Now that Spring has finally sprung I've bundled up my ugly winter running clothes and put them in a closet far, far away. With great relish I then took out my white little vest and running skirt and put it on. Now I frolick about in the gym that is the world, actually looking nice!

However, there's one thing my summer running clothes don't have, and that is a place to put my keyes and other paraphernalia I feel I can't run without, like money for a cup of cofee. So I run about, holding them tightly in my hand, worrying about the fact that your hands are supposed to be loose and relaxed during running. In my other hand I'm sporting this waterbottle from the Aldi, which makes me feel like a very cheap running commercial.

Looking for a solution I found running belts, but I'm not sure. They just seem to scream: 'Look at me! I'm a serious runner! I'm wearing a running belt with lots of drinks, 'cause I can run really, really far.'

After seven years of running I still struggle with taking myself seriously as a runner.
Also they would really mess up my nice outfit...


Erik said...

I've not broken down and bought one yet either.

Although on my longer runs, I will carry a bottle with me, which is definitly not desirable.

You make a good point, after all these years, we should take ourselves seriously and just go get one.


Cyndi said...

I finally broke down and bought this one last weekend:

It's just the one bottle, so I didn't feel like I was over playing the 'I'm a Runner' card ha ha. The little zipper pouch is nice too - I fit my phone and a GU in there.

I also got one of these for Christmas and just started using it on my longer runs:

I have the ankle one, and it's perfect for money and drivers license.

dhimas130184 said...

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ShutUpandRun said...

I hate running belts. Don't like how they feel on my body when I run. I only run with one when I'm desperate (i.e, I am running more than ten miles). I will go so far as to plant water and gels along my route to avoid wearing the belt. I also stuff gels, ibuprofen, what have you in the teeny front pocket of my shorts. But that is just me. Some people love the belt.

Sarah said...

I am planning on getting one too. I also worry that I am not "good enough" to need to wear one...isn't that just crazy? Then I figure that if I am going to run 8 miles in 80 degree weather, I deserve something to drink.

Suzi said...

I don't consider myself a serious runner, but do have a hydration belt. Love it! Wish I had purchased it sooner. I have only had it about a month and take it on all runs, even the measly 3 miler. You should just do it!

Run DMT said...

I bought a water belt and took it back. They are way too big and bulky. I can run with a water bottle in my hand. I also leave water bottles around my neighborhood for my pit stops.

I have a SPIbelt which I use for races or trail runs. It's lightweight and can hold quite a bit. I reviewed it here:

BUT, I absolutely LOVE my Gracie's Gear shirt and I highly recommend you get one. They sell tanks and sport bras with little pockets to hold your things. Love it!!! I reviewed mine here:

Kyle Farmer said...

I haven't been a big fan of the belts I tried either. I found them bulky. And if I tightened enough so that it wouldn't bounce around, I felt like I was cutting off the circulation.

Of course, that could just be the belt telling me to lose about 25 pounds. Stupid belt!

Tina said...

i have saw these little bags that you attach to your wrists. just big enough to fit money in! they might do!

Teresa said...

I finally broke down and got me something to run with. Now that it's getting warmer I couldn't keep just skipping water on my runs. I found this one and have really liked it. It doesn't hold a ton of water, but it's pretty cool so I'm happy with it.

marmot said...

I love your blog, from now on I will start following it. Lots of things I learned from it. :)

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