The proof is in the running

I've been running steadily for three times a week now, and doing yoga once a week, and through no fault of my own I've gotten faster! And even though I run for peace (of mind), not pace, I can't help but feel pleased.

I like improving and getting better. And I like the fact that my improvement is so tangible. Whereas in motherhood I sometimes feel uncertain whether I'm doing it right, running gives me proof.

And sometimes that's real nice.


Suzi said...

There is nothing easy about motherhood and sometimes there is nothing easy about running. Like anything, there are good days and bad days. I love the good ones in both arenas and can only hope to learn from the bad ones.

Cyndi said...

Well said, I love this!

I love reviewing my prior month's stats and seeing the improvement in pace over just 30 days. Sometimes it's slight and gradual, and other days I'll go out and just BE faster and feeling good. But I'm all about the numbers for 'proof' - and with motherhood, it will take years probably to see if we did it 'right'!

Nice post!

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ShutUpandRun said...

Wow I can totally relate to that. Maybe that's why I love running - b/c it is tangible and you can show improvement in areas of pace and distance...whereas with mothering - well, you just never know how to gauge yourself and if you are doing okay, improving, etc. Happy mother's day!

jenn said...

Well written. I wish I had the time (and a babysitter) to try running. I have been working out after my daughter is in bed, but I have to do a dvd or get on the elliptical. I do yoga once a week also.

Stephanie M said...

That is very encouraging- thanks. How far do you run the 3 times per week?

Stephanie M said...

ps. I did yoga for the first time ever this morning :)

Run DMT said...

I swear yoga and other types of muscle conditioning really do make you faster. It feels good when it happens, doesn't it?

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