A Nike chip please, and hold the chips

I've heard such great things about the Nike chip I decided I need one too. It can actually count calories while you run. And how else will I know when I've reached my Big Mac Moment, and can have one without feeling guilty?!

But the chip is no use if you don't have an iPod Nano, or Nike shoes, or a pouch to put the chip in. So first I had to go on a scavenger hunt to get all the stuff to go with th Nike chip. I hunted down an iPod Nano at eBay for 55 dollars. Then I had to go where I really didn't want to: a real running store for real runners.

I gathered all my courage and stepped over the treshold worrying as usual, some alarm would go off shouting: 'Imposter in the store, imposter in the store!!!'
Anyway, the alarm was probably broken again, as I entered the store in perfect silence and made my way to the counter.
'I'm looking for a chip on my shoe,' I declared.
The store clerk looked a bit dumbfounded, so I added: 'You know, to use with an iPod Nano!'
'Ah!' he said and I looked at him with great expectations, but then he shook his head. 'We don't have one of those!'
As I left the store I thought to myself: 'Who's the imposter now?!'

Luckily the store clerk at the general sports store knew immediately what I meant so now I'm the proud owner of an iPod Nano and a Nike Chip.

Now all I need is a pouch to attach to my shoe to put the nike chip in, which I have ordered on the internet.

So in a few days I'm gonna be a runner with a chip on my shoe!
Reaching for my Big Mac Moment.


Suzi said...

I've been using it for a year and a half now and love it. It tracks miles, calories, you can choose your distance....love it. I think you will too!

Brittany Crane said...

My husband got me a Nike chip and I love it. I love being able to see my progress and hear a voice come after saying, "congrats you just ran a new personal best!"

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