So I'm not really cheatin', I'm just experimenting

I have always thought of gyms with amused disdain. In fact I still kinda do, but I have to admit, they do offer sóme nice things. Like yoga. And free childcare. For the price of 25 euros a month, I can use all the gym's offerings, like yoga, once a week.

And as it turns out, yoga and running are mutual friends! There's even something called yogarunning. Yoga can help runners to strengthen their muscles, improve their posture and train the body and mind. So I'm not cheating on running or anything. We make quite a happy threesome, running, yoga and me.

As a mom however, I'm not the boss of me. My time is dictated by school and the schedules of my children. So sometimes I can't go to my yoga lesson because something has come up. Luckily the 25 euros I paid give me free acces to all facilities, so I can make it up another time. Which is why I've tried Body Pump which involved lots of screwing on weights and taking them off again, and Callanetics.

Secretely I feel quite promiscuous, constantly taking up with different sports.

But there's only one sport my heart really belong too, and that's running.


Molly said...

I've started doing yoga to keep a hamstring injury at bay. Didn't realize how tight my running muscles were until I gave them a yoga break. I think the two balance each other perfectly!

Lizzie said...

yeah i used to hate gyms until i had 2 munchkins :) now i can drop them off, they get to have a blast and i get to enjoy some "mommy time" i prefer to run outside, in nature. but... sadly, kids have made that almost an impossibility lately so i use the treadmill *yuck* it's better then nothing

Unknown said...

I really like mixing things up - running, yoga, strength training, cycling, swimming. it's all good!

PW said...

Enjoy the running! I tried it, suffered some injuries, now I enjoy walking.

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