To swim or not to swim, it's not a question really

Since I feel as if I'm living in a tropical rainforest instead of the bad weathered Netherlands, I decided to go for a swim instead of a run. You know, to avoid sweating and all that. So I rummaged through lots of closets and drawers and managed to find my green bathing suit which promised to 'flatter the body'. Well, I suppose it does, as long as you don't look too closely.

The swimming pool was filled with senior citizens and I felt a bit odd, being a junior citizen and all. Anyway, I jumped in the water and started swimming like a madwoman, because I wanted to match the effects of a run.

So I swam and I swam, passing senior citizens left and right, which was quite nice actually, and I was bored out of my skull. No nice views to occupy me, no change of scenery unless you counted the different swimming caps sported by the senior citizens. Only water ahead of me, behind me, and around me.

I told myself to enjoy the moment, to feel the velvety touch of the water, to enjoy the cool freshness of the water, but pretty soon I was bored again.

So I have discovered that I need my distractions while I'm working out. Be it some nice country and western songs or a change of landscape.

But one thing was just as good after my swim as it is after a run: the wonderful feeling of achievement.


Lisa said...

I have thought about taking up swimming as a cross training activity, but I am afraid I would be just like you and get BORED. I think your post confirmed it.

Way to keep going and get in your workout.

kara said...

Swimming is a major event for me - to much prep time - compared to running.
And I hate what the goggles do to my eyes. LOL

montisse98 said...

I think the only time I'd consider taking up swimming is if I lived near the ocean. Otherwise, it would get boring really fast.

Anonymous said...

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