There I am!

Due to summer vacation there's not much left of life as I know it. It's as if a bomb has gone off, blowing all my comforting structures and routines to smithereens. And it's left me stumbling around looking for clues, and most of all: myself.

So the first thing I do every morning is go out for a run.

It never fails: I always manage to find myself somewhere along the road. Then we talk for a while, and we go home together. Ready to face a new day, feeling healthy and strong.


montisse98 said...

Running is a great way to start your day!

Suzi said...

Running is a great way to start the day. I need to try it on the treadmill before everyone gets up. Summer has taken my livelihood and handed me my kids and their expectations. Still struggling for a balance so I can get my runs in.

Lizzie said...

my problem is i am not doing my morning workout now that the kids are out of school. true the gym has a kids area, but i just find myself all discombobulated!! can't wait till they return and my schedule is back :)

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