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Running with or without music

I much admire runners who run without music, and only their thoughts to keep them company. I feel they must be very interesting people to be able to run for miles on end with just themselves.

Doesn't running with music really mean you bore yourself to tears, and need the distraction? What does it say about me that I find my runs mind numbingly boring when it's just me, and no country and western songs telling me stories?

So I've decided to quit and go cold turkey: no music for me for at least a while. I'll force myself to keep my own company and see where it leads me.

Who knows, I might turn out to be really interesting after all.


  1. I usually run with music, but my thoughts have a way of making themselves known anyway. I don't run with it for a race, I feel like I miss out on the whole experience if I have my ipod on.

  2. At first I dropped the iPod for racing and then just stopped wearing it. I actually prefer no music to music.

  3. I noticed the elite racers/really competitive runners don't usually run with music. They prefer the expereince of just running and focusing on that. Interesting...

  4. Running with music keeps me occupied, keeps my thoughts away from the pain in my hamstring, the numbness in my toes. It just keeps me going. I concentrate on the words of the distracts me from not wanting to run.

  5. I usually HAVE to run with music, BUT, the few times I haven't, I don't think it's been all that bad. I think my form and concentration improves w/ no music. Probably should ditch the ipod more often for that reason!:)

  6. Depends on my mood. Some days, I absolutely need music to get me through. Others, I just want to let my mind wander (and not carry anything). I never race with music, but like listening to upbeat tunes on the ride there.

  7. My birthday was yesterday - turned 57! I've been running with music since I was 18 - before there were even women's running shoes and of course ipods. They used to have these really bulky radios that hooked to your shorts' band, nearly pulling them down! I do find that when I haven't charged my ipod enough and am left with my own thoughts, though, surprisingly, it isn't too bad. But one time, back in 1984, during a half-marathon, this wasn't the case. For the last 4 years I've been writing a book centered around the tragic events that transpired before and after that race. "Run at Destruction" was just published last month. (Available on Amazon, B&N, etc.) More information is at
    If I sent you a copy, let me know if you'd be interested in reading my book and blogging about it. I did get the endorsement from the Boston Marathon Race Director, a Track & Field Correspondent, etc.
    Lynda Drews

  8. I like to run without music and just meditate or pray or listen to the sounds around me. I have written an article on this:

    Let me know what you think.