Running mates

Though I like to run by myself, I'm never alone. I always find myself surrounded by this big group of running mates.

At the back of the pack there's Whiney, who's always whining and complaining, saying she wants to go home, that she's too tired, that it's too hot or too cold.
Whiney always gets a lot of flack from Drill Sergeant.'You keep going girl!' he shouts at Whiney, 'Or it's a hundred push ups for you!'
Then Whiney shoots me this look, and looks like she wants to cry.

And then there's Ego, who doesn't shout, but who's nevertheless very much present. Egging me on, telling me to go faster. She's always checking how fast I'm going, and trying to get me to go just a little bit faster. Ego always makes me a little nervous, and her presence really takes the fun out of running.

And in the midst of all this, there's me. Just trying to run along. And I say to them all: 'I'm not running for prizes or glory. I'm in it for peace of mind. I'm running to find me, to enjoy the changing of the seasons, to feel my body moving with every step I take. I'm not fast enough to outrun you guys, so I can't help you tagging along.

But would you please keep quiet and enjoy the run?!'


Jennifer P said...

I love your mates -- but I think they run with me too.

Tina said...

you tell em mate lol ;)

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