Has anyone seen my Chi?

I've had my first Chi Running lesson, but it's hard to find the chi! There are so many things to think about.

First I have to put my body in the right position, which takes me about five minutes. Then I have to lean forward until I almost fall flat on my face, at which point my leg swings forward, saving me in the nick of time from a nasty fall.

Finally running, I have to think about keeping my pelvic area beneath me, like a bowl full of water, without spilling any. But I can just feel the water sloshing out of my bowl, and my shoulders tensing up with worry I'm not doing it right.

I have to keep reminding myself: 'It's all about the prócess not about the results!'

Then finally I feel myself on familiar territory, because that's what I keep telling myself as a mom. If it was all about the results I would be sitting in a corner sobbing my heart out.

So I soldier on, searching for the Chi, both in my running and mothering.


Unknown said...

Yeah for Chi running! It's so hard to keep it all straight at first but it becomes natural eventually. It truly changes your running and you'll never regret it! Do you have the book too? Hang with it!

Nicole on the run said...

Hi Meg,

yes, I've got the book too. Actually I read the book first, and then thought I could do with some face to face instruction!

Your words give me courage to plough on!

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