Runner's Identity Syndrome

Two weeks ago I was cowardly stabbed in the back by some flu virus, and haven't been able to run since!

The first week I actually ran a fever, and spend the day on the couch watching movies like 'Scenes from a mall' and 'The Others' and trying to keep the kids in check. The second week I was up and about, but even walking the kids to school left me breathless and sweaty. Kind of like after a really long run.

But now it's been two weeks, and I'm starting to worry. What if I'm not a runner anymore? I feel like I should go out there and reclaim my identity as a runner. But at the same time, I'm still not back to my old self.

I'm puzzled: am I lazy and full of excuses, or should I take my body seriously?

This is one thing where running differs from mothering. I never have to worry of losing my identity as a mom, because my kids take care of that by screaming 'Mommyyyyy!' all the time.

Perhaps tomorrow, I'll go out for a small run. Just to make sure I'm still a runner.


Blog Angel a.k.a. Joella said...

Listen to your body. Get back to running a little at a time - viruses can really wear you down. It takes time for your body to fully recover and for you to regain your strength. I am confident that you are still a runner, just give it some time.

Nicole on the run said...

Thanks for this! I needed to hear this.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

thanks for stopping by my blog! I've added yours to my blogroll :) Even the best runners need recovery-time. you're still a runner, but allow yourself to get better, so you can be the best runner you can be.

ShutUpandRun said...

Yes you are still a runner. If I am still a runner after 9 weeks of not being able to run, then you are still a runner after 2 weeks. Take care of yourself and get out there for a short run to remind yourself of the runner you are!

Kerrie said...

Yikes. Take it easy. I say, listen to your body. You are still a runner, but you are sick.

PS: Thanks for stopping by Mom vs. Marathon. Love meeting other running bloggers!

Cami Checketts said...

Definitely listen to your body. You need a break. Besides, it's the holidays, perfect time to relax a bit.
Hope you are back to yourself soon!

Unknown said...

Gosh, I think we'll always be runners, don't you? These ups and downs come and go but our hearts are 100% in and committed so YES, you're a runner despite the down time which your body needs! I love reading the articles in Runner's World about the old coaches and runners who aren't out there anymore but still have their heads and hearts in the game...I hope to always be like that too!!
Chin'll come back slowly but you'll get it all back.

Unknown said...

Oops! I'm having trouble getting your blog to come up on my subscription list! Please email me and let me know what I should do!

RunnerGirl said...

As hard as it is, listen to your body. That's what everyone always says and I'm sure it's good advice, even though I don't always follow it :)

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