Running encounters

As a runner you encounter all sorts of people, things and events.

Sometimes you even encounter yourself, or like Dutch runner Sandra Visser, you encounter twohundred lottery tickets along your running path.

Sandra secretly dreamed of winning the jackpot, but then she read about an armed robbery where lottery tickets were stolen. Sandra did the right thing and took the lottery tickets to the police.

I'm chagrined to admit my encounters usually consist of vicious dogs that want to take a bite out of me, and their stupid owners saying: 'He néver does that! I don't know what's gotten into him! You really bring out his agressive side.'

What's the most special, funny, obnoxious encounter as a runner you ever had?


Sarah said...

I don't have any really good ones! I still remember the time i encountered a snake..I hate snakes!!!

Unknown said...

I was running along the railroad tracks and saw a guy spreadout along the trail, sleeping(presumably)and he was blocking the trail so I just scooted around him and kept running. I found a sheriff on the road and told him and the guy was gone when I came back. Actually I've seen something much worse but can't write about it...just too scary/gross!!! I would much rather find lottery tickets!!

Mel-2nd Chances said...

running behind someone that has loose money... change, jingling around. Drives me crazy! Motivates me to run faster though and pass them :)

Relentless Forward Commotion said...

Just a few months ago, I was running in my very rural neighborhood early in the morning. I came around a blind corner and BAM, there was the biggest doe (deer) I have ever seen laying in the road. I almost ran right into her! It was sad, but kind of neat to see her up close. Those things really are BIG!

Carol ReMarks said...

I don't have any running encounters to speak of just yet but I've only been running since July so I've got time I'm sure. Heh :-)

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