Running for two

As I was out on my Sunday morning run, I encountered a lot of couples running. And it struck me that the female parts of the couple were chattering up a storm, while the male runners were looking kind of dazed. And I wonder: is this typical?

Does running as a couple mirror your relationship? I certainly am the chatterbox in my marriage, and I know that dazed look very well. I've always felt it would be great to go out running with my husband, but now I'm not so sure. We have this undercurrent of competition going on, and I fear running might bring it to the surface. And not in a good way!

Already my husband, who doesn't run, is bragging he ran all the way to the train station in only fifteen minutes, knowing full well that, after ten years that's what it takes me too! And to rub it in, he adds: 'In my Birkenstocks, you know!'
'Yes dear,' I say, gritting my teeth, 'I know'.

So I think I'll stick to running by myself!
That way I can chat to me, and I'm a great listener!


RunnerGirl said...

My husband and I run together quite a bit. It's hard b/c he's naturally faster than me but I'm too competitive to let him leave me behind, so I end up killing myself to keep up :)

Unknown said...

Ha! This is so funny. My husband and I run together a lot and I love it. Truly, we can fall into this pace that is so perfect that I know we're only meant for each other. I've always loved that about our running. Yes, I blad A LOT and he listens but then after the run...I have to listen to his woes of aches and pains. Sorry, but it's true and it's the perfect trade off for us.
My husband also eggs me on to run faster and sometimes we're even competitive which can often be a little spicy and fun.

Christina said...

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I'd love to get your thoughts!

hgray said...

oh-lol!!! When running San Diego a few years back, I got really sick. My husband ran/walked the last 6 miles with me (he was worried I was going to pass out)while wearing sandals. I have never heard the end of it!!! He has lived on that 6 miles for years! I defintely leave him at home :)

Anonymous said...

My husband is my polar opposite - the ying to my yang. He rests at home while I run :)

ihaverun said...

Love this. I have thought it would be nice to run with my husband, but the reality might not be so great. I like running with me and would miss the conversations with myself!

Twincerely,Olga said...

haha!!glad I found you!!!My hubby doesn't run either and that is something he might say!!He is scared to run with me!!hehe and I will keep it that way for awhile!!stop by

Anna said...

My husband does the same, not running EVER and then will sign up for a race with me, beating me by a few minutes each time. I think if we ran together often, it might be a good thing, but always rubs me wrong on race day!

prashant said...

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