Bad run

Today I had a horrible run! And I really don't know why. There was no reason for it to feel as it did, as far as I could see. Okay, I'd missed my Thursday run because I got my period, but that should make me feel well rested, not like puking my guts out or like laying down on the wayside.

So when I caught myself thinking 'Oh, this is going terrible!' I quickly made myself think: 'It's going really well, it's going really well.' But I don't think I believed me.

So after running 4 times for 10 minutes I just had to walk the final 10, something I really hate to do. It feels like cheating. And all the time I could feel my mobile burning a hole in my pocket, whispering: 'Why don't you call hubby to come and get you?' But since I could almost see my goal, the pancake house, I ploughed on.

After I had my coffee I felt a little bit better, so I decided to run home, and nót call hubby. This time I managed 3 times 10 minutes before I just had to stop and walk.

'Well at least you went the distance,' I told myself. Which I did: 16 kilometer, 8 kilometers per hour. That's not too bad.

So even though I had a terrible run, I still made it.

And the one good thing about such a bad run: the next run can only feel better.


ChrisC said...

The good news is that you ran. There is a sense of accomplishment after you finish a bad run from just sticking it out. You are right the next run can only get better.

When I am having a bad run I remind myself of all the less fun things I could be doing and that seems to help.

Judi said...

Found your blog . . . enjoyed reading some of your posts. I just started a little training program with my little ones hoping to help them catch the running bug too!

Come visit my blog some time.

Happy running - tomorrow!?

Mel-2nd Chances said...

the bad ones make you appreciate the good ones even more. Take care!

Tracey Kite said...

We all have bad ones, but the good ones make it worth it. And you are right the next one has got to be good now!

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