Mother and son run

The gym, that is the earth, never ceases to surprise me. It's just one of the many perks of running: you get to know your own environment in new and exciting ways. And today I discovered a new route!

It's a lovely route, along country roads and wooded areas, and there's no traffic or any urban activity. I had forgotten snow can be beautiful in my longing for Spring, but this morning I ran through pictures that were worthy of Christmas cards.

Normally I'm a bit hesitant to enjoy the lonely beauty of wooded areas, but this time I had my son Jan (13) with me on his bike. Together we ploughed our way through the snow, and I felt such joy, to be out running with my son beside me.

And at the end of this beautiful nature run, like the icing on a the cake, there's this beacon for those who would like to have cup of coffee: a big yellow M! So Jan and I had a coffee (me) and a hamburger + warm chocolate (Jan).

'Isn't life wonderful, on this Monday morning?' I mumbled.
And Jan nodded and took another bite out of his hamburger.

Isn't it great how well running and motherhood can be combined?!


ihaverun said...

The combination of running and motherhood is what got me started. Your run sounds perfect!

Apple Pie said...

I so enjoyed your post today. Part of the enjoyment of running for me is to be outside. My little ones are small, 10, 7, 5, and 3. I've had them biking beside me too and also running short distances with me. My hope is to someday run a marathon with them!

Sarah said...

Sounds like an awesome run!!!! Sometimes I take my 6 year old with me and she bikes while I run. Last summer she could easily do 4 with will be interesting to see how far she can go this summer. It is always nice to have the company. :)

prashant said...

Your run sounds perfect!

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