Running made complicated

Running seems so easy: you put on some shoes and you run out the door. But you can make it complicated, if you want to.

So that's what the people at Asics did, and set about to create a woman's shoe that adjusts to your time of the month. It's called GEL-KAYANO 16.

The shoes consists of three layers: foam, air and plastic. When your arch is low (during ovulation) the foam is pushed into the air gap, and when your arch is high (during menstruation) the foams fills out.

In the meantime researchers at Harvard Univesity are saying it's best to run barefoot. That's not just easy, it's really cheap too.
The only thing you need is some calluses!

Then you can go out and buy a nice running skirt and have a Big Mac because you just saved yourself about 190 dollars.


Jennifer P said...

That is the most bizarre shoe I've ever heard of. I love the idea of saving $190 though....

Mel-2nd Chances said...

It's so true that what used to be simply running has totally changed with technology, gadgets, etc. As long as you enjoy it, that's most important.

Anna said...

Wow, had no idea your arches change. Weird ... shoes shouldn't be so complicated!

lornamorris said...

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