Don't fight it, run with it

Part of Danny Dreyer's ChiRunning philosophy is: 'If it hurts, there's something to improve on how you're doing it.' It reminds me of breastfeeding advocates, saying the same thing: nursing isn't supposed to hurt, and if it does, there's a valuable lessen to be learnt!

I wonder if the same principle of pain equals opportunity to learn, applies to life in general. I suppose it does. Sometimes life hurts. Shit happens, as they say, and tears may fall. But when life hurts it's not necessarily because you're doing it wrong, it's just life being life. However, how múch it hurts dóes have something to do with you.

The harder you fight it, the harder your journey will be. So if life sucks big time, and you're hurting like crazy, just lean into it, like a runner leans into a steep hill. Listen to what it is telling you, and let it take you along on your journey.

So don't fight it, just run with it.


Michelle said...

Well stated. It is hard to remember that when you are in the thick of it, but to be reminded is always good. Lean into that hill!

Unknown said...

Nice post! I had an experience this weekend similar to the one you describe...pain during my long run and I have been having physical therapy and really working on my bio mechanics when I run. During the last run, I started to hurt again and I just relaxed, leaned into it and purposefully let the muscle go where it was hurting. I remember reading about this in the book of Chi Running and it totally helped!

Caroline Novak said...

Hi Nicole, thanks for stopping by my blog.
Love the idea of leaning into it when things get tough ... great analogy.

Lizzie said...

so true. seems life works out best when you just let it do what it's gonna do :)

now as far as pain when running, it usually means i've been on my butt too much, ha ha.

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