Natural enemies of runners

After a week of no running due to a nasty cold, I was itching to get out there again, and reclaim my runner's identity.

So I ran for three consecutive days, instead of every other day. My body spluttered and protested: 'Hey, don't I get a day of rest to recuperate?' but I said grimly: 'You've been getting quite enough rest, thank you!'

Because the kids were home from school, yet again, I was out running earlier than usual. I thought I was safe, because of the school holidays, but there they were: big groups of students riding their bike to school.

'Ah, there goes our future, yearning to enrich themselves with knowledge,' I thought tenderly the first time I came across them. But when the future nearly ran me over, fear for my life replaced tenderness.

Students like to ride their bikes together, taking up a lot of room, which would be alright if they'ld make room for charming runners, such as myself. But I guess that's not cool. And in their defense: they seem to be quite oblivious, one might even say blind, to other people using the bike path.

But yesterday there was this group of students that díd see me. I was relieved, but not for long, because they shouted lots of mean things, like: 'Who's a tomato then?' and 'Running doesn't make you any prettier, does it?'

Suddenly I felt 'being seen' is much overrated.
In future I'ld much rather stay invisible, and in danger of getting run over!


Unknown said...

Yes, being visible is the key word! So happy you were able to run!

misszippy said...

That's really sad to hear, actually! Sorry it put a damper on your run, especially when you've been laid up for a while.

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