Make your own running partner!

Okay, so it took me about thirteen years, but it was worth it: I've got my very own, live-in running mate!

I had read about the joys of having a running mate. Running mates provide support and accountability and help you get faster. You can't just say: 'Neh, I'm not going for a run today,' because your running mate would suffer from your lack of motivation.

But I always worried about being too slow for any potential running mate, and besides: do I really need any more long term commitments in my life? I think not!

But here I am, with my very own running mate! He's always around, and runs just a little bit faster than me. He's my son Jan (13), whom I had sent up the running path.

I was worried he was playing on his computer too much so I made him an offer he couldn't refuse: 'If you go for a run three times a week, mommy won't have to worry so much about your health. And in exchange I'll pay for your membership at Runescape.'

Jan happily agreed, and these last three months I offered him a couch-to-potato programme, to make sure he started his running career the right way. And now the moment has come: Jan can run thirty minutes without a break.

His running form isn't very pretty, but I'm amazed at his speed! And he aced the 'talking test' which says you should still be able to talk or you're going to fast: he talked and he talked and then he talked some more. Telling me all I never wanted to know about Runescape.

I've never run so fast, hoping to make him lose his breath and stop talking. Like I said: running mates are a great way to make you go faster.

I am really grateful for my son and running mate.


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

army son never caught the rnning bg, although he biked wth me for years after graduating from the stroller. My middle one is completely not interedted. So my final hopes lay in my 20 month old's little hands. So far he likes to go fast. Maybe someday?!

Fran said...

That sounds like a great running partner!

I'm not a person for a running partner. One of the reasons I run is that I do it alone, for me it's losing the stress after a long day at work. Just listen to my music and think things over and I come home with a clear mind.

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