Running review: Asics running skirt

Asics have added their running skirt to the mix. It costs about 40 dollars.

Is it worth its price?

Yes it is! If only because of its lovely color. The skirt consists of compression tights and a skirt. The material is very soft so it feels nice, but that same softness does show off your underwear causing pantylines.

The compression shorts seemed a bit long at first, but as soon as I started running they hiked up. Fortunately they stopped hiking halfway up my tighs, and were great at keeping my tighs from rubbing together.

The skirt is quite short, but because of the compression tights I felt safe and covered quite decently.

I tried running commando style, without any underwear to avoid pantyline, but that didn't run too well. So I have to recommend wearing underwear in this skirt.


A great little skirt, especially because of the option to draw them tighter in the waist.

All in all a great, and not too expensive buy.

From the back:


Unknown said...

Cute color but I have trouble with the skirts that have shorts underneath. I've had to stick with skirts with briefs. Still, you can't beat that color!

Tricia said...


Suzy said...

Thanks for the great review!! I love the color, but like Meg I'm not a big fan of shorts under skirts (they always ride up for me).

brooks running shoes said...

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