Running Routes

I start all my runs from our home. This means I have never gotten further than twelve kilometers from home. After all: I have to be able to get back!

I run in circles, squares, loops, rectangles, and when I feel really naughty: in a triangle! Some routes are quiet, with nothing but me and nature, others feature cafes and restaurants.

I do my long runs (16 kilometers) on Sundays, because then my husband is home, and I get to stay out longer. Tuesday and Thursday mornings I run 8 kilometers, and Friday afternoon I run 5 kilometers with my son Jan (13).

My running routes

Tuesday run: 8 kilometer
(running in circle)

Thursday/School run: 8 kilometer
(running in circle)

City Centre Run: 8 kilometer.
(5 km to the city centre, coffee break at Granny's, 3 km back home)

Westendorp Run 16 kilometer
(8 km to the pancakehouse in Westendorp, coffee break, 8 km back home)

MacDonalds Run 8 kilometer
(5 km to MacDondalds, coffee break at MacDonalds, 3 km back home)

't Onland Run 8 kilometer
(5km to this nostalgic restaurant, coffee break at 't Onland, 3 km back home)

Groot Nibbelink Run 15 kilometer
(12 km to this farm house that serves coffee, coffee break at Groot Nibbelink, 3 km to train station)

Zelhem Run: 10 kilometer
(5 km, coffee break at canteen of swimming pool, 5 km back home)

Terborg Run: 16 kilometer
(8 km, coffee break at de Roode Leeuw, 8 km back home)

Braamt loop: 16 kilometer
(8 kilometer to Braamt, coffee break at cafe Oldeboerderi-je, 8 km back home)

You can probably tell, I do love my coffee breaks!

How many running routes do you have?


Suzy said...

Interesting! I start all my running routes from home, it is easier this way. I have about six basic routes that I run, combine, add to to make up the mileage that I'm going for.

kara said...

I like my out and back routes the best for mindless running.
Looks like I need to add in some coffee breaks - for fun ; )

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I start my runs from home too. I don't know how well I'd do if I stopped in the middle of them for a coffee break. I like to get my runs done so I can move on to the next thing or don't miss out on what ever is happening with the family while I am running. Plus where I live, you'd find plenty of milk for in that coffee but not a single coffee shop!

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