Slow witted

I was running along with my son Jan (13) through a nice parc. We were on our way to MacDonalds for some much needed refreshments. It was very hot, and we ran from shadow to shadow.

We passed three men, sitting on a sunny bench, dressed in long jeans. They looked like wilted flowers, desperately in need of some shadow, but that didn't stop them from being 'funny'. One of them shouted: 'Hey, don't you know it's way too hot to run!'

'Oh yeah?!' I shouted back. 'It's also way too hot to sit on a sunny bench in those long jeans!'
But that was fifteen minutes later.

Because I'm about as quick witted as I run...

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Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Isn't that how it goes! Great comebacks are always late.

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