The Running Skirt Effect

'A truck driver honked at me today, when I was out running,' I told my kids during breakfast.
'Why did he do that mommy?' they asked.
Amazed that I should have to explain something so blatantly obvious I answered: 'Why, because mommy looks great, when she's out there running in her running skirt of course!'

It's the Running Skirt Effect: it gives you confidence!


Anonymous said...

Hi! I found your blog today and I love it! I decided to post a comment on this post because I just bought my first running skirt today and I am feeling a little self confident in it. Maybe once I step outside I will get more confident :)

zbsports said...

Tat skirt is sexy...i like running on skirt is much comfortable...:D

cloudveil said...

I like the color of the running skirt. It is sassy and sexy.

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