Running on Toffifees

They always strike at six o'clock: Snack Attacks! My work for the day is done, the kids are fed and hosed down, and I can sit on the couch with a nice cup of tea.

But as soon as I sit down it attacks: the urge to eat bags of M and Ms', salty nuts, paprika chips, candy bars and big chunks of cheese. I try to drown my desire with lots of tea, because I know: this desire doesn't stem from hunger, but from restlessness.

Usually I win the battle, and at around eight o'clock the desire for something to eat silently disappears. But yesterday, when I wasn't looking, I suddenly ran into the kitchen and started foraging for something 'good to eat'.
'Don't do it, don't do it,' my better self urged me, wringing her hands in despair. But I pushed her roughly out of my way and saw she'd been trying to hide the Toffifees!

There is was: a big box of Toffifees from the Aldi. Bought, because it might come in handy for unexpected guests. I'm not a big fan of Toffifees, which is why I bought them. I felt they would be safe from any snack attacks.

But my desire for something to eat won out, and I said to myself: 'I'll just try one, and then I'll decide what to do next. I never get any visitors anyway!'
'Hm, not bad,' I tasted, and since the box was now open anyway, I felt it would be alright to have another one. And before I knew it, I'd demolished fifteen Toffifees.

With my stomach protruding like I was sixteen weeks pregnant I went to bed and swore: 'Never again!'

And this morning I fueled my run with Toffifees.

But when I got home I remembered: there are still fifteen Toffifees left...


Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I LOVE those things!!! I haven't seen them in years. (which is a good thing becuase you simply CAN NOT eat just one of them!

busyrunningmama said...

My hubby LOVES toffifee's!! I buy them for him all the time. I don't really love them, thank goodness, im a dark chocolate kind of girl!!

saucony progrid said...

I love 'em so much! Toffifees for life! :D

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