Can moms wear running clothes to school?

On Tuesday, Thursday and Fridaymorning I take the kids to school wearing my running clothes. It saves me some time! I drop them off, and off I run.

Recently I read this post of a mom called Irene. She wrote 'sporty moms' make her feel guilty. And it made me think: 'Do the other moms at school get annoyed at the sight of me in my running clothes? Do I make them feel bad about themselves?'

Here's what Irene wrote: 'Seeing a sporty mom at school is a bad start of the day for me. Just seeing them in jazzpants, makes me feel guilty.'
She then writes how she got over her guilt when she realized these women tálk more than they work out. Whereas she, being a housewife, does a five miler every day just by doing the housework.

But I don't talk, I actually run. Four to five times a week. To keep myself healthy both physically, and mentally. Not running has become unthinkable. It would be like not brushing my teeth: it just doesn't feel right.

And so I take my kids to school in my running clothes. And I hope I inspire some other moms, instead of making them feel guilty.

How do you feel about moms wearing running clothes to school?


Run DMT said...

Great post!

I've done the drop off in my work-out clothes. Sometimes I miss my morning run but I plan to run after I drop the kids off at school or sometimes, I run but don't have time to shower before the kids go to school.

I never thought about making someone feel guilty though. I'm more worried if my thong is sticking out or if my cellulite is showing through the lycra. I have also wondered if other moms think I look ridiculous in my skin tight running pants. But wearing work-out clothes just to look like your wearing work-out clothes, now that's ridiculous! LOL

Heather said...

I agree. I think it is inspiring that you find the time to run.

Jessica Havican said...

Don't ever let anyone make you feel guilty for taking good care of yourself. they feel guilty because they probably feel like they should be doing something more. Their body and mind are craving for it, but maybe they have a hard time prioritizing their time, or maybe they really don't have enough time. Either way, sorry Irene if the sight of a mom in jogging shorts gives you pangs of guilt, but that's your problem.

XLMIC said...

I run at night usually, so it isn't an issue... but I smell pretty bad after working out so I probably shouldn't wear running clothes to pick up or drop off :P

Black Knight said...

Great post. I agree about the running clothes! Wear them with pride!

Kim said...

First of all - just cause you have them on doesn't mean you are actually going running. Although, in my case it does. I say keep wearing them. For every five people who feel guilty seeing you dressed like that, there's probably one or two who are inspired by it. You may change a life!

Kathleen said...

I agree -- it's her problem. There's nothing at all wrong with wearing workout clothes when you drop kids off. I see the longing looks sometimes when I wear workout clothes -- or even if I'm just wearing a nice outfit. Aren't we women funny?

N.D. said...

HA! I wear my running clothes everywhere! I need to be ready if I get the time to get in an extra run.

Anonymous said...

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Mom's Home Run said...

Hi Pete,

thanks for stopping by! I visited your website, and would love to review your products.

Michelle said...

Guilty? no, but I refuse to wear workout clothes when I am not going to work out. All the moms here wear bright shoes and workout clothes, all day long. I am the freak at the school pickup because I wear actual clothing, jeans, cute tops, sometimes even (gasp!) low heels!

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