Fiddle Run

fiddle and run

Today I had the most awful Fiddle Run. My hair wouldn't stay in my bun, and kept flying into my eyes. My little shorts tried to go where only my gynaecologist has gone before, because I'd decided to go commando, and my Exceed Sport Phones kept falling out.

My ear phones keep falling out of my ears

I know I wrote a very positive review about Exceed Sport Phones, and it's still true. However, it all depends on putting them into your ear the right way, and lately I can't seem to manage that. They keep falling out. Sometimes it works: no matter what I do, or how windy it is, they stay put. But today wasn't one of these days. I have developed some serious trust issues with these earphones.

I don't like to fiddle and run

And I just hate to fiddle and run. I couldn't concentrate on my running, because I kept waiting for those earphones to fall out. And when they weren't giving me trouble, I was busy adjusting my shorts. And when I'd done that, my hair would fly into my eyes. And then the earphones would fall out again.

Fiddle and run is no fun at all. 

Next time I'm not going commando, I'm going to use other earphones, ánd I'm going to wear a headband.

My next run will be bliss.


Jessica Havican said...

I had when my runs go like that too! Headbands are great for controlling fly-aways and underwear really does wonders. Hope your next run is 10 x's better!

Heather said...

I Hate those days too. My bro got me some cool ear buds for christmas that don't move.
I just chopped all my hair off - not that I am sure that's the answer.

XLMIC said...

hahahhahaha! this cracked me up :) I seem to have lots of "Fiddle Runs"!

Anonymous said...


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The Lazy Gastronome said...

LOL - I had a few runs like that in my running years! Thanks for sharing at My Big Fat Menopausal Life's Share the Wealth Party! Have a fabulous week and Happy Thanksgiving!

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