Follow the foot path?

I like to boldly run, where no one has run before, so today I decided to follow this little dirt path I discovered last year. And as I ran along the potholes, immediately twisting my ankle, I proudly thought: 'Look at me! I'm doing cross country!'

Patent request!

At the end of the path stood a primitive, cardboard sign, and someone had written: 'Footpath' on it. Beneath the word 'Footpath' were two arrows, pointing in opposite directions. I decided to go to the left, because I thought I knew where the path would lead me. And in my mind I started writing my request for a patent on this new Runners Route.

Where did that ditch come from?

But after stumbling along for a few minutes, I couldn't help but think there was a whole lot of grass and not a lot of path. But I just hate 'turning back' so I ploughed on, until I couldn't plough anymore, because a ditch appeared out of nowhere.

I looked at the ditch, which clearly had aspirations to become a ravine. Then I sighed because I knew: 'I will have to 'go back'. As I ripped my request for a patent to pieces I ran back the way I had come. But then I saw this other little path, and decided to take that. Anything to avoid going back the way I came!

Serial killer!

Then suddenly I saw this serial killer, wearing a big white hat! I nearly died with fright, but then I discovered it was a scarecrow. Still breathless from my near death experience, I left the scary path, and found out I was a very long way away from home.

'And what have you learned from this experience?' I asked myself sternly.
And I humbly answered: 'You should never trust footpaths that are written with a felt pen. And sometimes it's best to return the way you came, because otherwise you may be far, far away from home.'

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very inspiring post. im late but im following from a blog hop.

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