How I recharge my batteries

We have a lot of batteries in our house. It's an occupational hazard of being a mom. When I was still a young and innocent mommy, I greatly invested in wood colored building blocks for my kids. And I solemnly vowed: no plastic in óur house!

Fast forward fifteen years, and the building blocks have been replaced by a Wii, and a Playstation. And these are accompanied by battery devouring controllers. So I greatly invested in rechargeable batteries.

But the most important battery of them all is me! As a mom I need to recharge my batteries regularly. And the best way for me to do this, is by running. Even if I don't feel like going out for a run, I force myself to do it anyway, because I know wit absolute certainty: afterwards I will feel much better.

Sometimes I even feel so powerful after a run, I invite my kids to build a tower.
Of dusty wood colored building blocks.


gba_gf said...

LOVE this post! love. I too swore "no plastic" ~ ha ha... but truly, I was sick today. Struck down and slept for 8 hours. Well, without the battery running the house, the house didn't really work in the way it normally does. Not that my H didn't do a fine job kid wrangling... its just that in a day, I, um, do more than JUST wrangle the kids...

So, in response to your comment about groups - I love to run with a group, but true, you have to find a group that runs the right speed. It seems to work for us. This year our small running group (6-8 runners) has joined forces with a HUGE running team (1,100 participants) for marathon training. This way we have support for our 20 milers. Of course, it helps that a whole lot of us are training for the same race...

As far as the original post, yes, "that was it"... I didn't think it was really about pace, but apparently I offended someone. As far as I can tell, she was the only person who 'didn't get it'. Thanks for your comment though, I appreciate it!

Suzy said...

So true. We need to recharge our batteries to keep up with life, kids, and everything. Running does it for me too.

N.D. said...

great post! I do it with a babysitter!!!

Michelle said...

Absolutely important as a mom to take time to recharge...and so easy to forget to do it!

Hello Jessica Lynn said...

Its great how excercise can make you feel better!!

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