How to combine running with motherhood?

The magazine that is Runner's World scares me. They always feature skinny men, wearing very small running shorts, who whine it took them two hours to complete a marathon. I just find it hard to sympatize. Maybe it's because I would already be grateful to fínish a marathon.

So I was pleasantly surprised when I read an article about 'regular' runners: mommies! The article is about combining running with the busy life of a mom, and how to do this.

According to the article there are three ways to succesfully combine running with motherhood.

Join a runner's club

One of the moms featured, Evy, runs at a running club that offers childcare. While the moms run, their kids are well taken care of. It sounds a lot like paradise, and I would have loved this when my kids were little.

Join a runner's group

Amy joined a group of moms who run every Tuesday night at eight o'clock in the evening. You can just show up, and if you can't make it, you don't have to let them know. It's all very casual.

Combination training

Becky is very inventive: she travels to work by train, and on her way back she gets out way too soon. And then she runs home!

I use the combination method

My way of integrating running into my life as a mom, looks a lot like Becky's. For example: I take the kids to school in my running clothes, and run home after dropping them off. And when we go for a visit to my parents, I always run home.

What method do you use to integrate running into your life as a mom?


  1. Hmm well I train before they get up. When they were younger my husband and I would switch off training times. They have grown to know this is our way of life.

  2. To be mom is the hardest job of the world. My wife used to run before our children got up or when they were at school in the afternoon. Now they are grown (31 and 26).

  3. During the school year I use the early alarm clock approach and get up at 4:30. During the summer I use the bribery approach and take turns bribing (forcing) the older kids to feed them breakfast and let them watch cartoons while I run.)

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  6. I usually run before the kids get up. On the weekends my husband and I trade off running so we can both get long runs in. My kids are still young and I am hoping in a year or two they'll both be old enough to ride their bikes along with me on short runs. I can hope, right?

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  9. My 2-year old is a real runner…so I get lots of makeshift interval work in by chasing her. Most of the time, I wait until all the kids are in bed to get my run going.

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