Running: glasses or contact lenzes?

For a whole year my laziness beat my vanity, and I wore glasses during my runs. Then, to my surprise, my vanity made a come-back! It made my laziness eat its dust, and this morning, I wore my contact lenzes again during my run.

And I was very grateful to my vanity, because it was raining. And running with glasses when it's raining,  is no fun at all. Rain makes me peer through my glasses like an old granny. Sometimes, in desperation, I'll even take my glasses off. But then I'll stumble along like I've had way too much to drink, because my eyes really need some help seeing clearly.

This morning however, everything was fine, because I wore my contact lenzes, thanks to my vanity. And as I was running along it occurred to me that lenzes beat glasses all the way.

Contact lenzes during runs: Pros
  1. They don't get foggy
  2. They don't get splashed with rain
  3. They don't slide off your sweaty nose
  4. You can put sunglasses on to hide your face that's contorted from the effort of running
Do your wear glasses or contact lenzes during your runs?


Suzy said...

I'm all about my contacts when I run. There are days that I only put them in for running and take them right back out. My glasses don't stay put on a good day so all they do is slide down my nose once I start sweating. It isn't pretty.

Patty said...

I will wear both but the glasses win oftentimes out of sheer laziness. I have found that if I wear one of those elastic-y, cheap-o headbands over my earpieces that my glasses don't slip down while I run.

Unknown said...

I wear my prescription sunglasses most of the time. I'm not one to run in the rain but my eyes like it dark so I usually have them on. If I don't need them than I run in my glasses, don't have contacts!

Heather said...

I prefer to wear my contact lenses. The only drawback with them is that sweat gets into the eye and is all stingy stuck under the lense.

I vote lasik....if I had the money for that.

XLMIC said...

My contacts! It is a big desperate deal if I venture out of the house in my glasses!

Mom's Home Run said...

I sometimes think about lasik too, but it's so expensive! And a bit scary too...

Kimberlee, The Spunky Diva said...

LOL! I have just not been wearing glasses while running, but... wish I had contact lenses to wear.


Teamarcia said...

I got glasses last fall and have never worn them. It's contacts all the way!

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