What kind of cable girl are you?

I once made a movie. A movie called 'Look at me run!'

It featured me running back and forth, and the central theme was: 'How do I put my foot down?' I tried to get Stephen Spielberg to direct it, but alas, he was busy doing something else.

Unfortunately my movie was a big flop. Personally I do not blame myself. I blame my cables. If only I'd had some HDMI cables, my movie would have been pictureperfect, and I could have watched it on my HDTV.

What's HDMI when it's at home?

Don't know what HDMI is? It stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface, and offers a simple plug-and-play solution. HDMI cables are available in all kinds of lovely colours. You can use them to connect your computer's video card to your HDTV.

At optimization-world you can buy a VGA cable for only 7.99. The VGA-cable is the Ying to the HMI-cable's Yang. Put them together, and you get something great.

Wanna get technical about it? Check out this wikipedia page about video graphis array

What's this got to do with running?

What's the point of owning high-end equipment, if you don't have the right cable to get the most out of it? It's like running: your body may be in the best possible shape, but if you put the wrong shoes on, you won't get the best out of it.

The same applies to your tv and computer: you need the right cables to get the full experience.

My mind before a run

Does this look familiar to you? It's how my mind feels before a run! But it's also a Messy Cable Contest. The winner wins 100 dollars store credit at Optimized Cable Co.

I could certainly use some of that.

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