7 unexpected Running Motivators

You can find running motivators in unexpected places! Here's some of my unexpected motivators:
  1. Reading about running. Especially John 'The Penguin' Bingham really gets me going
  2. Music, especially country songs telling sad stories. You know songs about guys with names like Billy Bob who loose their right foot, left hand, their house, their wife and while they silently sob into a dirty handkerchief, they whisper: 'I'm still holding on!'
  3. New running clothes.
  4. Worse alternatives: Telling myself if I don't go out for my run, I'll have to clean the bathroom floor. That gets me out the door real fast.
  5. Munching my way through a box of Toffifees. Afterwards I feel dirty, and there's no better way to get rid of that feeling than to go out for a run.
  6. Seeing a picture of Matthew McConaughey running
  7. My body: after five kids I can't complain about the shape it's in. I owe it all to running
  8. People shrieking: 'I'm soo impressed! Do you really go out for a run five times a week?!'
What are your unexpected running motivators?


Anne Cherie said...
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Anne Cherie said...

I'm your newest follower.

Cool story, good luck


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I'm looking for the great big man chasing me with a great big stick motivator - which would explain my inaction so far ;-)

Thanks for joining the Tuesday Train!

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