Glasses again: I'm a running nerd!

When I was ten, the school doctor discovered I needed glasses. I didn't think much of it at the time, but when I hit puberty I started to hate them. I figured my glasses were to blame for everything that went wrong.

Nobody asked me for a dance? Blame the glasses!
Bad hair day? Blame the glasses!

Pregnancy: lenses lost the battle to glasses

So when I turned seventeen I was very relieved: finally, I could get contact lenses! For years I wore my contact lenses, but then I got pregnant and I started to feel that they were 'there', all the time. It didn't take very long before I wore my glasses more often than my contacts. After a terrible night with a crying baby, my glasses were simply the easiest choice.

Since then I've been juggling my glasses and my contacts. When I want to feel pretty, I wear my lenses. When I don't care, and only want comfort, I choose my glasses. But when I'm out running I prefer my contact lenses.

I love the nerdy look!

But I have to admit: a lot has changed since I was ten. Glasses have become much nicer, and can actually enhance your looks. For example, I just love the nerdy glasses that are the latest fashion. Who wouldn't want to wear those?!

At Warby Parker you can buy a great designer eyeglass frame for only 95 dollars, including prescription glasses. That really ís a good deal!

The story behind Warby Parker

I love the story behind Warby Parker: there were these four guys who hated paying way too much for their boring spectacles, so they decided to cut out the 'middle man'. All four of them look like classical nerds, but it really suits them.

And what I love most about Warby Parker is that for every pair of glasses you buy, someone, in a third world country gets a free pair too.

So I'm thinking: perhaps next time I go out for my run, I'll go running like a Running Nerd!

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XLMIC said...

The beginning part sounds like me! But I would never trade my contacts in! Running in glasses is so hard... the fog up, they slip around, when I sweat and try to wipe my face... they are in the way... But good for you. Glasses are in so many ways just so much easier!

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