Life with no running, is like an egg with no salt


I was running along, thinkin' about how good I would feel when I got home: I was gonna curl up on the couch with a great book. And it occured to me how running makes everything better.

Running makes everything better  

Running makes curling up with a book feel better: it's so much nicer to lie on the couch after you've run 10 miles. As opposed to just lying down with a book. And a cup of coffee after a run! Oh, it's pure bliss! It tastes so much better than an ordinary cup of coffee, without having run first.

Also, you can eat candy without the consequences

And then there's the whole candy bar thing: running makes it okay for me to eat that mars bar. After running 10 miles it won't make me fat. And knowing that, makes it feel even better.

Life without running would be like...

Life without running would be like an egg with no salt, a kiss without a beard, a BigMac without the cheddar cheese and French fries without mayonaise.

Life without running would be just that: a life without running.

To me, running is like the missing piece: adding it to my life, makes it complete.


Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

Great post!! Couldn't agree more!!!

Black Knight said...

I agree 100%. I love to read after having run (even if I usually run before going to work).
And I like to have a soft drink or an ice cream without feeling guilty.
Great post.

fancy nancy said...

Well said!!! Like peanut butter without Fluff!!

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