The power of music

I'm not very good at dancing. I find it hard to remember the steps. But running, thát I can do! The steps are easy: it's just one foot in front of the other. Add some music to that, and you're dancing a five miler before you know it.

So whenever my running motivation hits a rough spot, I know just what to do. I create a new playlist! Music makes running feel like dancing, and I love listening to songs during my runs. They make me smile, and sometimes teary eyed, because I listen to country songs. I love the stories they tell.

Like when George Strait tells someone you can't build a house with no doors, or when Brad Paisley has to choose between his wife and fishing, and he chooses fishing. Those singers feel like my friends, and I love meeting up with them and listen to their stories.

Music is a powerful tool, and it can help you through the rough spots as a runner.

How do you feel about music during your runs?
What's your favourite running song?


XLMIC said...

I really enjoy listening to music when I run. Different songs help me in different ways and when I find one on a run that is helping me get through a difficult spot, I might just hit "repeat" 7 or 8 or more times! LOL

Two that have been working for me lately are "I'm Too Sexy" by Right Said Fred and "Just Like Heaven" by The Cure.

Saving By The Sea said...

Following you from the Over 40 GFC hop! Hope you'll follow us back :)

Nikki said...

I LOVE running to music. It really helps the run more enjoyable! I love "Own It" by the Black Eyed Peas and "The Sky's the Limit" by Jason Deluro. I'm kind of a teenager when it comes to running and music. LOL!

Michelle said...

I really enjoy/need music when I run. Different songs motivate me in different ways. Right now I'm really enjoying "Forever Young" by Jay-Z - helps me to slow down at the beginning of my long runs - something I need to work on.

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