Saddle pain is a pain in the butt!

I love running's side effects! Yesterday it turned out my legs can effortlessly bike 30 miles, unhindered by preparation or a training schedule!

While hubby was whining beside me about 'tired legs', my legs felt like they could go on for miles and miles! But unfortunately my butt hadn't gotten the memo, because it hurt. Real bad.

It's always good to get to know parts of your body, you didn't know before, but why does making their acquaintance have to hurt so much?

What 'running effects' do you notice in your daily life?


Anonymous said...

Do you have padded shorts? Silly question but have you been fitted for your bike? Sometimes that and/or a new saddle will fix that. Riding should be that painful. :)

Mom's Home Run said...

No, it never occurred to me to get fitted for my bike. I just went to the store, and chose the prettiest bike there!

Yesterday I wore a cute skirt, while biking. My bike is fine otherwise, it's only when I ride long distances my butt starts to hurt.

So I'll just avoid those! I'm more of a runner anyway.

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