The rewards of structure

I've had three runs in a row now, where I hit the wall almost as soon as I rounded the corner of our street. I've never been so tired! What has happened to me? Did someone spike my coffee with Kryptonite?!

When my first run went terrible I thought: 'Oh well, these things happen. It will only mean my next run will be better because it can't gét any worse.' But my second run that week was just as hard, and so was my third run.

So I put on my thinking cap, and started to do some serious thinking. And after much pondering I have decided Summer Vacation is to blame! I need a vacation from Summer Vacation, and luckily it has arrived in the form of the new school year.

I love the structure and order the new school year brings along. I've always been a big fan of structure: it's one of the things that helped me to become a runner, in the form of a training programme.

But I also thrive on structure as a mom: when the days seemed endless, and I felt I would scream if I had to read The Little Engine That Could one more time, it was structure that got me through. Knowing that in ten minutes it would time for a small snack or cup of coffee. Or even better: naptime!

Structure doesn't get rid of the dreaded walls, but it does help get me from wall to wall!

How do you feel about structure?


Heavenly Savings said...

Structure is the one thing I look for in my home as well! It is also something I am trying to teach my children! Nice Post! Happy Tuesday!! I would love for you to stop by and check out my blog as well! If you like it you can follow back! Thanks! Hope to blog with you again soon!

Paige said...

I was a late comer to the structure concept. I am a creative sort a go with the flow person. I like structure in some areas and in others I could care less. However, my husband, the pilot is structure personified. I love him dearly and so for him I have learned to embrace structure and procedure somewhat and he has learned that when his artist gets into the studio not to ask questions just bring another cup of joe.

Kimberley said...

Good morning! I am right there with you on the structure thing. I have to have a plan, knowing what is coming next is so very important to me. New follower from To The Top Tuesday Hop, drop on by and see me if you get the chance, thanks!


Dayna Musto said...

I'm glad my kids are back to school - we are all on a schedule now which benefits everyone. I'm following from the Monday Mingle hop. Have a wonderful day.


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I love structure and so wish I had enough control in my life that I could implement some - but unfortunately it doesn't seem to be in my realm of possibilities so I toddle along - completely random and out of control ;-)

Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train!!

Unknown said...

Missed my structured world too this summer but hate the idea of homework beginning again. bittersweet
following from Totally TUesday
NEw follower and hope you’ll follow me back at my site

sstone said...

I LOVE structure and routine. I kind of get cranky when I don't have it. I'm excited to be a new follower from Welcome Wednesday, and to see more about running. (I highly enjoy it too)

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