iRun Athletic Wear Shirt: Product Review

When it comes to running clothes, I'm like Goldilocks: they have to be júst right! My running clothes should be nicely fitted, but not too tight. They should nót ride up to the North during runs, and they have to make me look nice.

So I was delighted to try out a t-shirt, hoodie and skights set of iRun Athletic Wear. Unfortunately the temperatures have been too high for the hoodie and skights, but today I took the shirt for a test run!

The fit of the iRun Athletic Wear shirt: loose but not baggy

The t-shirt is less fitted than the running shirts I normally wear, but I loved the feel of cool, fresh air against my skin. I may have to change my opinion about shirts with a looser fit!

Another advantage of a slightly looser fit, is that your shirt won't ride up. And the people of iRun Athletic Wear got it just right with this shirt: not so fitted it will ride up, but not so loose it looks baggy.

So when it comes to comfort during a run, I give this shirt an A!
On looks, I give it a B: the sleeves are quite loose, which feels lovely, but also made me feel a bit 'mannish'.

Nice little logo: I run

I'm not a fan of logos on my shirts, but the iRun Athletic Wear logo is cute, girly and inspirational. That was actually a pleasant surprise to me! I was having a hard time, and I started to walk a little bit, but then I looked down at my shirt and saw the little logo saying: 'I run!'
'Can't let my shirt down!' I thought, and trot off again!

No sweat!

It's not very sexy to say this, but I'm a real Sweaty Betty during my runs. Almost all my shirts show big wet patches beneath my armpits when I run. But, the black iRun Athletic Wear shirt didn't! As far as my shirt went, I could have been taking a leisurely Sunday stroll. This, to me, is a great selling point!

To sum up

You can't go wrong with the black iRun Athletic Wear shirt: it's a great and comfortable fit, it's neutral, it wicks away your sweat and it's got an inspirational logo.

The only downside to me, is that it's not very feminine. I look like a bloke!

Practical Info

The best news is that this shirt only costs $9.99, which is a real bargain considering the prizes I usually have to pay for a running shirt.

I wear a size M in my everyday clothes, and this shirt was a size M too, and fit just fine.

You can admire and buy it at iRun Athletic Wear!

How do you like to wear your running shirts: tight, loose or even baggy?!

Stay tuned for my reviews of the iRun Athletic Wear hoodie and skights!


fancy nancy said...

These look comfy!! I like loose but not baggy. I don't like it revealing all my secret bumps either!!

Mom's Home Run said...

Hi Fancy Nancy, they really are comfy! I can vouch for that. And they won't be revealing any unpleasant bumps.

Jill said...

Gotta luv quality items that are a deal!

I'm stopping by via the Fun Tuesday Hop and am your newest Follower :)

I co-host Wednesday's New Block Party Hop if you would like join in the Fun..

~ Jill

Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

I don't think you look like a bloke at all!!! I'm all about comfort - if it doesn't feel right I'll have a nasty enough look on my face that it won't look right either :-D

Thanks so much for joining the Tuesday Train!

Mom's Home Run said...

Thanks Donna for saying I don't look like a bloke!

I got a message from the people at iRun Athletic Wear telling me these shirts will be available in all kinds of lovely colours! Perhaps I'll order a pink one. That way I will definitely look like a girl.

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