Nót a runner's best friend!

I was running along, minding my own business, bothering no one. Then suddenly, I jumped in fright!

Now I have only one question:


E @ Act Fast Chef said...

Loose dogs are so scary to me too! Hope you were able to get away easily!

fancy nancy said...

Oh loose dogs are not fun! I remember once I got bit by a poodle but couldn't find what house it came from! The big dogs are the scariest....then there are the ones with electric fences that come running at you and then just stop! Talk about heart attack! And I love dogs!

Leila said...

Too funny! (Not that the dog scared you, but the way you worked the post!)

New follower! gotomommy.blogspot.com

Posh said...

Thanks for playing Friday Friend Connect.
Have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

That's pretty funny (the post, not that you were scared).

XLMIC said...

I hate loose dogs! I have even been bitten by a chihuahua! And if they don't bite, they trip you! Leashes, people!!!!

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