Bitchin' headphones: Product Review

There they were: shiny and new, with ear pieces that glistened like diamonds.

For just 2 dollars they could be mine. And the packaging said: 'Earphones for runners'. I did some quick philosphical thinking: 'I'm a runner, ergo I should totally get them!'

I hate them, I hate them, I hate them

Today I wore my fancy headphones for the first, and final time. I hate them! The sound was so awful, it was amazing how bad it was. I didn't know sound could bé that bad.

Stevie Wonder effect

And they refused to stay on my head. Earbuds often tend to fall out of my ears, but this headphone managed to actually fall off my head. So I had to do my Stevie Wonder imitation, holding my ear pieces in place with my hands. And let me tell you: that's not a comfortable way to run.

Are you drunk or something?

After about half an hour I finally managed to position the headphone on my head in such a way it dídn't fall off. Unfortunately, this meant wearing it kind of sideways and having it covering only my right ear. But my arms were so tired, I didn't care anymore. I don't know how Stevie Wonder did it!

When I got home, I violently tore the thing off my head. 'It will make a nice gift for the kids!' I decided.

To sum up

Do not buy this headphone, that's supposedly for runners. The sound is terrible, and it will fall off your head.

But I have to admit: there is one good thing about this headphone: it reflects like there's no tomorrow.

Too bad it took a picture to see this.


Jill said...


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Amy said...

Two whole dollars huh? I'm sure you were infuriated after spending so much money and researching them so carefully ;D The reflection is great though. Guess you will be able to see the kids in your headlights.

Krissy said...

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XLMIC said...

I will totally NOT get those headphones!

Unknown said...

That's why I say, sometimes you save more with more expensive stuff:)

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GM said...

Thanks for the review. Will definitely not buy it.

Storm, The Psychotic Housewife said...

Eek! My arms are hurting just thinking about it, lol It is really hard to find good headphones for running.

ross88guy said...

There is nothing worse than a pair of terrible fitting headphones. I swear that my ears change shape during the course of a run as my ipod headphones seem to fall out at the mile six mark...every time!

4Eighteen said...

We really appreciate honest reviews, well done!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I just bought Yurbuds and they have yet to fall out! Love them!

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