Runner's Attitude

I was having doubts: should I go out for my Sunday morning run, or not.

Trust issues

After all, I wás suffering from a mild case of airway infection. But since I didn't have a fever, I decided I should go. After ten years of running I still don't trust myself not to come up with excuses to skip a run.

Tough run

Besides my airway infection, I was also suffering from maternal guilt, so I took my son Ot (11) with me on his bike, to do some bonding. It was a tough run. And not just because my son talked incessantly about earphones and the differences between iPods and other mp3-systems. I really wasn't feeling my best.

Two cups of coffee

I managed to run the 4 miles to the restaurant, where I wanted to have a cup of coffee. I had two cups of coffee, while my son mercifully shut up about earphones for a while, because he was eating a piece of apple pie.

Walking home

'We're going to have to walk home honey,' I decided. 'I don't feel too hot.'
It took us quite a while, and we were almost home when a car stopped beside us. In it was my hubby!
'I thought you might be tired, you were taking so long. Do you need a lift?'

Knight in shiny Opel Zafira

I stared at my husband of seventeen years, and felt a rush of love. 'That's so sweet!' I exclaimed, and thought to myself: I may not have my own knight in shining armor, but I dó have a knight in a shiny Opel Zafira!'
For a minute I longingy stared into the car, but then I said: 'No, I've come this far, now I have to see it through! But thank you, thank you, thank you!'

Life lessons

As we saw hubby drive away, I saw the opportunity to teach my son some valuable life lessons.
'This is how you should do things Ot!' I said. 'Always finish what you started. That's called 'determination' and 'using your willpower'!'
But Ot declared: 'I would have taken the ride home, and do you think there'll ever be mp5-players?!'

Runner's Attitude

When I got home, my husband told me he'd asked a runner if he'd seen me, and had told him I wasn't feeling well.
The runner had stopped, and shared: 'I don't feel good either! Tomorrow I'll go to the doctor's.'
Hubby said: 'Then I thought, there's yet another nutter! Going out for a run, when he's not feeling all that well.'

And I smiled proudly and said: 'Yes honey. That's called Runner's Attitude!'


Jennifer said...

Sounds like you made the best of a tough situation! Hope you get back to 100% real soon. Cheers!

Run DMT said...

I like Runner's Attitude. I prefer calling it "channeling my inner honey badger". A little respiratory infection? Honey Badger don't care!

Get well soon!

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