New breed of female runners: Fastinista's

There's a new kind of female runner, and she's called Fastinista.

Fastinistas don't just grab the first pair of clothing they come across, no they carefully choose their outfit.

They like to wear running skirts and dresses, and combine them with knee socks and matching head bands. Sales of female running clothes have gone up from 275 USD in 2007 to 350 million in 2010!

And these women are serious runners: a lot of them participated in the Boston Marathon, a marathon you have to qualify for! However, critics say these women give running a bad name, and that they care more about their looks than their pace.

How to spot a Fastinista

I found a list of characteristics of Fastinista's at Silly Girl Running
  1. she's a woman who likes to look stylish when she runs
  2. has at least two kids
  3. runs 15 miles a most
  4. sticks to ladies only races
  5. won't race any distance longer than 10K
  6. sticks to road running
  7. likes her make-up to be perfect throughout the race
  8. won't even think of running up and down a mountain
Am I a Fastinista?

Sure, I do like to look nice during my runs, but not in a Hey-look -at-me!-way, and I hate knee socks. They make my knees look ugly, and I've never understood them. I do have at least two kids, five to be exact. I run more than 15 miles a week, and I don't do races, period. I hate wearing make-up in general, and I don't mind running up a mountain.

So, I'm not a Fastinasta. I'm just a mom who likes to run while wearing cute running skirts.

Are you a Fastinista?


Unknown said...

I think I'm in the middle. I really like to look cute - but really the skirt prevents my chub rub and also hides my booty. :) It's a win win. I have only done 1 women's only race - I really like to see the HUGE diversity in a "everyone welcome" race

Christy @ My Dirt Road Anthem: A Runner's Blog said...

I think I am in the middle too, I like to look good running and have two kids, but I don't stick to womens only races or road races and I would run up and down a mountain

fancy nancy said...

I would say I'm in the middle. I like to look really cute but once that gun goes off there is no looking back! I care about pace and I run all sorts of races! I train hard and race hard but look cute!...oh and no makeup for me on race day!

Jennifer P said...

Love this post!

I've always wanted to look prettier when I run. I have 2 kids. I like mountains. I would never run a women's only race. 15K max? Bah, that's a training run for me.

What brand of skirt to do you wear?

Mom's Home Run said...

I have a black Nike skirt, a red Asics skirt, a camouflagelook skirt from Skirtsports and a slightly longer black running skirt from GeoSports.

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