How to deal with boredom during your run?

Sometimes I'm running along, when suddenly I feel this overwhelming urge to stop. Not because I'm tired, but because I'm bored. My legs could go further, and I'm not gasping for breath. I just don't feel like running anymore.

But that's something my Inner Coach does nót want to hear. He starts shouting:'You're bored? I'll show you bored!'

So obediently I keep on running.

How to deal with boredom during your run?

Since I read somewhere being bored can lead to brilliant, Einsteinlike ideas, I try to welcome boredom. And sometimes I do come up with some great stuff. But more often I just turn on my iPod and listen to the stories of Country and Western singers.

8 ways to battle boredom
  1. Welcome boredom as an opportunity to have brilliant ideas
  2. Use the boredom to solve problems and find answers.
  3. Listen to an audio book.
  4. Run with somebody else. Make sure he or she is not boring!
  5. Take a different running route and get lost. Believe me, you won't feel bored when you're scared for your life or despairing if you'll ever make it home again.
  6. Listen to music.
  7. Take a route with lots of dogs running loose. It'll provide you with lots of adrenaline rushes.
  8. Choose a dirth path full of potholes that could easily lead to a twisted ankle.

How do you deal with Runner's Boredom?


Jennifer P said...

I did most of those this weekend! I ran my first 20 miler. The first half I ran with a new running partner, the next 1/4 was trails and I got lost and fell into swamps and the lat 1/4 I listened to podcasts. It was great!

But I know what you mean. Often I am bored to tears.

Nina Smith said...

Not really sure about your tips right here, but tip number 5 did let out a huge LOL. Your blog is such a good find, and to all those bored runners, they should try your advice here - they might learn something.

Thank God I'm not yet bored with running! Haha!

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