It's the circle of running shoes

As I sadly noted the soles of my running shoes were showing alarming signs of deterioration, it suddenly hit me: buying new running shoes, and getting used to them, is like moving house! Have I lost you? Bear with me! I'll explain.

Last January we exchanged our city dwelling for an old farm house in the country. We thought long and hard about the move, and in the end we decided it was worth the turmoil and upheaval of moving. And it really was.

But that doesn't mean I didn't feel homesick for our old home. And I still sometimes shake my head in amazement wondering: 'Do I really live hére? When did that happen, and why didn't I get the memo?!'

The same goes for changing from my trusty old running shoes into a brand spanking new pair of running shoes. I knów the new running shoes are an improvement, but saying goodbye to the old ones is still hard. After all, they supported me for miles on end, and got me wherever I wanted to run. They feel like my running friends.

But then I realized something: these old running shoes were new shoes, not so long ago. It's only a matter of time before these new running shoes will become as trusty as my old ones.

It's the cirlcle of the running shoes!

Are your sentimental about your old running shoes?


I’ve had a look at Millet Sports for a new pair of running shoes and I’ve found the BROOKS Adrenaline GTS 12 for £69.99 which is a good price, but I’m going to keep looking around as something else might catch me eye.


Robin said...

Yeah I just wish the circle was bigger lol! Seems like I go through a lot of shoes.

Wendy said...

I always have a hard time getting rid of old shoes too.

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